Jumat, 17 April 2009

The sample of Writing outlining

Topic: The Teacher Competence

General statement: The teachers who educate many students in the school have to have competence. In other that they can apply the subject objectivity in learning.(thesis statement) There are three competences that have to have by a teacher.
The Body:
1. Personal competence
A. Respect on cross religious
B. Good behaviors
I. Discipline
II. friendly
III. Politeness
IV. Respect on values system in the society
C. Can develop the good character around the students
D. Democratic
I. Openness
II. Care of critical

II. Professional Competence
A. Master the base education
I. know the national objectivity
II. institutional objectivity
III. curricular
IV. learning objectivity
B. Understand of Education psychology
I. Student development
II. Learning theory
C. The ability in mastering the subject which is equivalent
D. The ability to apply the methodology of learning
E. The ability to design and use the media
F. Ability to evaluate the learning process
G. The ability to arrange learning program
H. The ability to realize support ensure
III. School administration
IV. Concealing/advisory

III. Social Competence
A. The ability to interact and communicate
B. The ability to know the society organization
C. The ability to cooperate
I. Individual
II. Groups

IV. Conclusion: we can conclude that there are three main vital of teacher competence that have to be applied in learning process. And the other element that support of those competences can help the teacher to reach their learning objectivity.

By: Acep H

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