Jumat, 03 April 2009

The Assignment of Prose

1. What does hemingway say about men?How does he evaluate them?
2. Is Paco a hero for him?a fool?
3. Do you feel that he has objectively presented despair, or that he himself is involved in the quality?
4. Does his view of Madrid and that particular world say anything further about men else? is the luarca a miniature world that can be projected anywhere at any time? how do you know?

1. Although Paco is the chief character, we actually see relatively little of him. Yet we sense a good deal about him. How does Hemingway give us this feel for Paco?
2. How do the other characters and the atmosphere of the Luarca contribute to our sense of Paco?
3. What does bullfighting mean to the younger boy?
4. Why is the element of fear introduced so often, and what connection does it have to Paco?
5. Is Paco's death in any way a sacrificial death? That is, does he die to serve any purpose beyond the fact itself? Why does Hemingway have him die in this particular way? Is it heroic or sordid death?
6. in terms of Paco, what is the function of ironical ending of the story?
7. what were Paco's illusion that Hemingway mentions near the end? Is it better that he die with his illusion than live disillusioned?

Note: your answer base on short story that was given and submit it on Tuesday at 1 am.

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