Minggu, 24 Mei 2009

“Imbecilic” generation

Superficially appearance, in fact, the students’ intelligently are visible, but actually their emotional, spiritual, and social are “imbecilic”. Right brain and left are unbalancing until their thought orientation disposed to one sight, mono dimension, and linier. This unbalancing will give impact on character and student’s personality formation effort. If this condition is continue, do not impossible they will be arrogance, hypocrite, and dictator in the future, event thought it will be easy to be corrupt attitude contamination. If that condition is continuing, do not impossible, next also this big country also will be occupied by future generations who lose of empathy and sense of human belonging.

Some corruption and dishonesty which is showed by tied people actually do not become sin our world school that wrong treatment. Many factor that influence. But, honesty has to be admitted, our education world not able yet to born the future generation who strong, skilled, creative, morality, civilized, and cultured. In such context, “political will is real needed” from element of education component, especially from educator and administrator to create learning effective atmosphere, interesting, and attractive.

If the class has been being designed only four walls of the room, so that, it needs a serious effort to develop class atmosphere which is more openness, interactive, dialogist, dynamist, and interest until it can create learning society. In that context, the contextual approach which is students’ solidarity on experience upon daily concrete problems will more meaningful than feed-spoon them by a bundle material and memorial that more applicable value in the real life.

“Live” class signed by dynamisms students’ behavior in learning process through question activity, discussion, make opus, debate, or dialogue. The teacher attends to students’ world in aware condition, and be planned. He does not put in himself as a judge who condemns right-wrong. He more often gives chance to students to gain the truth through thought wrestling that proper with their world. The class room also becomes requirement display of students’ opuses result as a competition arena to fulfill necessary competition and sportive self actualize, honest, humble, and light bulb appreciative. Such room setting, the class also does not on top of drilling ring minaret again, which is isolated from around society community.

Now, the time to alter the class become mini society which give opportunity to students to socialize, interact, share, and initiative, openness condition and aglitter, until can leave primordial attributes, respect on differences, and can develop the personality and can gain self genuineness which is democratic and tolerant.

_______________The End______________________Acep Haryudin

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