Selasa, 24 Maret 2009

Try You Will Be

Many aspect to get success. such as Intellectual Question, Spiritual Question and emotional Question, but many people can't combine all of those abilities to do the best thing in their life, they find many difficulties how to explore their talent and can't express their adrenaline and hobbies.
So, How To overcome those Problems?!?

actually there are some ways to handle those problems, such as:

1. Do many training to do the positive event like reading many books, magazine, news paper
2. Be positive thinking
3. Active, creative, and innovative
4. Be friendly
5. Build good socialize
6. Don' blame the other when you get failure
7. Hard working
8. like to adventure etc..

The main point, that you want to try and try to do every thing in your live. Because the God never let his human being sacrifice and he will always give us success in our job.

"Having failure after trying is best than failure because never try"
Take ACTION, Action.....ACTION........begin now!!!!!!!!
No action Nothing happen..... Action miracle Happen!!!!!!!!!!

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