Selasa, 24 Maret 2009

Dialog with death

This dialog was occurred in summer night.

When the weather very hot, until the cold night felt no any more. Death came and invited me went out, avoide hot weather

seem will kill me.

We both walk on the road way which was quiet

Having conversation like two old friendship

Dead : Do you know, why lately many people die?

I : Why?

Dead : Because they want to die

I : Why?

Dead : Many reasons. May be you often hear. Matter of economic, family. But that was not main problems. The problem was that they really want to die.

I : You took a part, didn’t you?

Dead : Me? I merely did my duty

I : Yes. Killing

Dead : You are wrong. I’m not a killer. I’m a executioner

I : What is the differencies.that the same.

Dead : Different. A killer, has meaning that I looked like a criminal. Menwhile executioner was heard more bonafide.

I’m : Up to you

Dead : Hahaha... you disagree, doesn’t you?

I’m : For me was no different. It was losing the soul

Dead : You don’t understand. I’m a executioner. It means that there was someone who really has determined to die and my duty is doing that determination

I : Determination, isn’t it?

Dead : So it is, I feel that you having known that everyone has determined to die.

I : Yes

Dead : But one thing perhaps you don’t know. I can accelerate a death

I’m silence

Accelerate death........

I muse over death word just now.

Accelerate death..........

Acep Haryudin

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